The health benefits of running

Running has arguably been the best form of exercise since millennia, and continues to maintain its place, despite the surge of new forms of exercise. It is simple and convenient, as you don’t need any sophisticated equipment for running; just get a decent pair of shoes, your favourite music and you are ready to go! Also the fact that everybody knows how to run since childhood makes it accessible to every person on this planet, even in the most remote corners. You don’t need to spend anything on an instructor, as running has always been a part of our lifestyle.

The health benefits of running are numerous. It improves cardiovascular and respiratory health, considerably increasing our lung capacity. It’s an intense workout, although people newly getting into the sport must ease into it gradually with moderate efforts. The stresses and strains of the sport strengthen our muscles and bones and keep our cells healthy and disease free. The considerable amount of sweat produced during a run detoxifies our body and keeps our skin healthy. Instead of spending bucketloads of money on skincare products, we can simply adopt running and maintain fresh and radiant skin. Moreover, running improves our metabolism and aids in weight loss.

We haven’t even started discussing the mental health benefits of running yet. It is a great stress buster and makes you feel relaxed and refreshed, despite of the fact that it feels rather tiring to do so. The feeling of being on your own in the fresh air, moving past trees and birds is indescribable, often referred to as the ‘runners’ high’. Also, for people trying to get some new fitness conscious friends, running is a great option as you can join a running club or just make an informal group of 2 or 3 friends and start running together.

Once you try this sport, it might seem tough and uncomfortable at first, but I request everyone to stick with it, if you want to reap its rich dividends. Just remember that if you don’t invest time in the right pursuits, you aren’t going to get the interest.