The Health Benefits of Sunlight

The sun is the ultimate source of all energy, and is the primary driving force behind all the magnificent creation which has resulted on this planet. Historically, probably due to this very reason, the sun has been worshipped in various cultures and regions across the globe and treated as a venerable deity. In India, even today the sun is worshipped by offering water to it every morning, an activity backed by scientific research. So without too much scientific jargon, let’s dive into the various benefits promised by regular exposure to sunlight.

1. Stronger and healthier bones

Firstly, the rays of the sun trigger a photosynthetic reaction which causes the production of vitamin D, which is cardinal for the assimilation and utilisation of calcium in our body. No wonder despite of a decent calcium intake from milk, yogurt, almonds, figs and other sources, many people complain of weak bones and low resistance to injuries. The solution to the problem is the lack of exposure to the sun : all the calcium being consumed is not being used by the body ! Hence, the simple act of going outdoors can do a host of benefits to our bones.

2. Optimum blood pressure

Nitric oxide is another compound which is produced in our body naturally. It serves the purpose of lowering blood pressure and keeping our heart healthy. Activities such as exercising and walking in the sunlight boost up the production of this chemical, lowering the risk of cardiac ailments by a huge factor.

3. Improved mood and sleep quality

The sun also takes care of our mental health. It causes the production of the hormones serotonin and melatonin, which are responsible for the maintenance of an optimal mood and sleep cycle respectively. It’s such a n accessible cure for insomnia, depression, schizophrenia and several such ailments which plague mankind.

Lastly, all these preciously benefits offered to us are completely free of cost. Sunlight is nature’s gift to us, which we can simply accept and lead happy and purposeful lives. Instead, most of us have ignored the basic source of creation and fallen prey to all sorts of diseases. We don’t find any such ailments in other animals, as all of them enjoy the outdoors and none of them draw curtains and enclose themselves in a box. We must allow sunlight to enter our homes consistently and be mindful of it’s life -giving capability.